What type of cartridges work with Amphora vape devices?

There are hundreds of different styles and brands on the market, with numerous features and designs. Infused Amphora vape inhalation devices are powered by Vessel Brand technology and were designed to try and accommodate all of them. We recommended using Infused Amphora cartridges with your Amphora Vape Device as they were designed specifically for the device in mind and contain safe, quality ingredients you can trust.

However, there are some things to consider if purchasing other brand  cartridges for your Amphora device:

  • Cart Technology - brands using CCELL cartridges work extremely well.
  • Cart Diameter– Amphora vape pens have a "transition module". That is the protective piece at the top of the device, which will accommodate any cartridge that is < 10.8mm (inner diameter) for Gen 1 and < 11.5mm for our Gen 2 (marked with a '+').

Many larger cartridges coming from the nicotine world will work with your device, but the transition module will need to be removed.

  • Look & Style – Although this is a personal preference, CCELL works best with Vessel vape devices.


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