What are Infused Amphora CBD oil cartridge design features?

Infused Amphora cartridges were specifically designed with Amphora vape devices powered by Vessel technology in mind, however, they will fit most vaporisers. Infused Amphora vape cartridges contain only safe, quality ingredients you can trust.

Design features include:

·         Pre-filled effects-based CBD distillate with terpenes

·         Industry standard 510 thread

·         Distinguished mouthpiece design with effects-based color

·         Effects based formulation listed at base

·         Airflow hole at bottom on tank

·         Inlet holes for the prefect draw on light/medium CBD oil

·         Ceramic coil

·         Medical grade -plastic tank and mouthpiece to prevent shatter and breakage

·         Leak resistant design

·        Fits snugly within the Infused Amphora vape pen transition module so it’s well protected from hits and breaks

All Infused Amphora CBD oil vape cartridges come in two sizes:

·        0.3 ml cartridge (84mm x 52.4mm)

·        0.7 ml cartridge (84mm x 62.2mm)

Visit our 'Shop' for more information on our effects-based formulas.

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