Why did the connection point on the battery come undone?

When you removed your CBD cartridge did something extra came with it? That extra piece is actually the connection point, and now you see wires, etc. 

This sometimes happens, and this is why.

The connection point is a small, flexible conductive pin. It's flexible is so it can accommodate various heights to ensure there is always a stable connection to power the CBD vape cartridge heating element. Why? There are so many of different styles of cartridges with just as many features and designs on the market. Amphora tried to accommodate all of them; however, we recommended to use Infused Amphora cartridges with your Amphora Vape Device as they were designed specifically for the apparatus in mind, significantly reducing these occurrences.

Faulty cartridges sometimes dislodge pins. If oil leaks from the cartridge, and is allowed to remain for any length of time, the oil starts to act like an adhesive, and rough unthreading of the cartridge pull out the connection pin as well. 

That is not a malfunction of the device. With moving parts come potential mishaps, and unfortunately, we cannot give refunds or replacements for damage incurred by faulty or non-compatible cartridges, but reach out to our client care team, and we'll try to help you out if we can. 



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