Where should I store my CBD vape pen and cartridge?

Both CBD vape pen inhalation devices and cbd oil vape cartridges should be stored ideally in a safe place at room temperature, and away from the elements, children and pets.

Cold may affect the performance of your CBD vape pen, as well as your oil. If your CBD oil or Vape device has been exposed to freezing temperatures, make sure to bring them back up to room temperature before use.

Remember to keep the rubber stopper that came on your cartridge in the original packaging for placing back on your cart for storage. Store your CBD oil vape cartridge at around 20oC, and away from heat or sunlight to avoid degradation of taste and potency and unnecessary leaking. Don't store your CBD oil in your hot car.

Infused Amphora CBD vape oil cartridges can be kept in the CBD vape device when not in use, providing they're both stored securely.

Although it may be tempting to carry your CBD vape pen in your hand or pocket, accidents happen. You'll want to make sure your pen is safe and protected. The most stylish and discrete way of doing this is to store your vape device in a case with your favourite CBD effects based formulas. Check out our Infused Amphora vape pen protective case here.




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