Which cartridges are recommended for Infused Amphora vape devices?

There are hundreds of different styles and brands of cartridges on the market, with numerous features and designs. Amphora vape inhalation devices are powered by vessel technology and were designed to try and accommodate all of them. We recommended using Infused Amphora cartridges with your Amphora Vape Device as they were designed specifically for the device in mind and contain safe, quality ingredients you can trust.

However, there are a few things to consider if purchasing other brand cartridges for your Amphora inhale device:

  • Cart Technology - brands using CCELL cartridges work extremely well.
  • Cart Diameter– Amphora vape pens have a "transition module". This is the protective piece at the top of the device, which will accommodate any cartridge that is < 10.8mm (inner diameter) for Gen 1 and < 11.5mm for our Gen 2 (marked with a '+').

Many larger cartridges coming from the nicotine world will work with your device, but the transition module will need to be removed.

  • Look & Style – Although this is a personal preference, CCELL works best with Vessel vape devices.

Modifications on new models to accommodate all carts is in development and as transition module models are altered, you will notice devices marked with a "+" symbol feature a larger transition module.

Remember, ultimately your selection of CBD vape cartridge is a personal experience, and it's your preference of how you want it all to come together. 

Visual references of compatible and non-compatible cartridges for Infused Amphora vape devices:


These are 510 cartridges. They can be found in all markets and retail locations and should work your Amphora vape device as long as they are < 10.8mm in diameter for the Gen1 line and < 11.5mm for the Gen 2 (all products marked with a '+').

They won't always look pretty - that comes down to your personal preference. Still, feel welcome to ask your retailer for recommendations. Again, we recommend Infused Amphora CBD oil cartridges; however other compliant and reputable brands that utilize the CCELL cartridge (TH2 or M6T Models) - are proven, high quality and will work well with your Vessel Brand vape pen.  WARNING: BEWARE OF FAKES AND COPYCAT VERSIONS.


Technically these carts are compatible; however, you'll probably need to remove the transition module “top section” of your vape pen. That makes them far less aesthetically pleasing. Because these cartridges are much larger than most 510s, they're more robust as well and won’t need the added protection the transition module gives the 510s.

Some carts, like the Itsuwa manufacturer (Amigo Liberty line) and similarly designed models have a slight difference in thread pattern and the connection point protrudes more than CCELL, so you may have to apply some pressure for them to "catch" thread with your vape device.

Many cartridges were created for nicotine vapes, posing some challenges with compatibility with CBD vape pens. Please consider this with your Infused Amphora vape pen purchase.

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