How do I use my Infused Amphora vape device?

At Amphora, we recommend starting low and slow. Start with a lower voltage and gentle or light pulls, to begin with until you find you’re your user preference for the CBD oil you are inhaling.

Your Infused Amphora vape pen powered by Vessel Brand technology does not require preheating or priming. Infused Amphora vape pens optimal air intakes allows for a more effective pull on the oil, and because the power output is clean, your CBD oil burn will be much more efficient than with other vape pens.

Click the main button five (5) times, and watch the lights activate to show your battery is now on. Then click the button three (3) times to move between the three (3) power settings. Keep holding the button as you draw in with gentle sip-like pulls, until you find your devices optimal settings for your preferred user experience.

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