How might my experience with Amphora be enhanced by subscribing?

Interested in CBD and all-natural alternative wellness products? Become an Infused Amphora Insider and receive blogs, new research, promotions and discounts. Subscribe now and receive 50% off your first order of CBD Vape Cartridges.

When you subscribe, Amphora collects some information to understand your needs and interests. This helps us deliver a reliable and personalized experience for our customers. For example, we may use your registration information to:

·  update you on new educational content;

·  provide service and support;

·  communicate with you about our CBD products and services;

·  update you on new services and benefits;

·  provide personalized promotional offers;

·  personalize some Infused Amphora websites;

·  select content to be communicated to you;

·  agree to allow you to  participate in contests and surveys; and

·  contact you regarding Infused Amphora CBD products or services.

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