What do Infused Amphora colours symbolize?

At Infused Amphora we care about the entire user experience and make it our duty to think of everything we can to elevate your wellness journey, right down to the colours chosen for products 

Each CBD cartridge offered by Infused Amphora is colour-coded so you can easily identify your favorite formula and receive the effect that you’re looking for. Not to mention each color is specifically chosen to reflect the feel of the effect it produces. 

Check out Infused Amphora formulas below to see just how much thought and care has been put into each one: 


Thoughts keeping you up at night? Infused Amphora’s ZZZ blend is formulated to quiet the mind and bring you that good night’s rest you’ve been searching for. The cartridge tip comes in a rich blue, a colour that has been shown to relax the body and lower blood pressure & heart rate, helping to contribute to that deep rejuvenating sleep, even in its colour. 


Dealing with stress, overwhelm, and a never-ending to-do list? Infused Amphora’s Peaceblend is formulated to provide a sense of calm and reassurance like the warm embrace from a loved one. After a few breaths you could find yourself feeling more peaceful and prepared to take on whatever your day throws at you. Showcased in our cartridges with a green mouthpiece, the same colour which is thought to relieve stress, relax those knots in your stomach, and is often used in decorating to provide a calming effect. And now we’re bringing that calm straight to you. 


Whether you’re suffering from chronic joint pain or dealing with sore muscles after a workout, Infused Amphora’s Mend formula provides relief. The cartridge features a clay coloured mouthpiece representing the grounding stability and strength that it provides. It’s time to combat your migraines, inflammation, cramps, muscle aches, & pain and find natural dependability, in Mend.


For that spark for pure genius, look no further than Infused Amphora’s Inspire CBD blend. Curb perfectionism and dismiss fear so you can write, play, study, & create without borders. Showcased with a maroon tip, this cartridge colour is as bold, confident, and passionate as your resulting inspiration will be.  

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