What are CBD vape benefits?

  • Vaping has excellent Bioavailability; Vaping CBD is by far the most effective method of taking CBD, because it's absorbed through your lungs into your bloodstream, almost immediately. Vaping also allows you control over finding your best user experience.
  • Vaping is convenient; Vape pens and CBD oil vape cartridges are portable and easily fit into a purse or bag. Visit our Infused Amphora Accessories for sophisticated cases to hold all your vape kit.
  • Vaping can be discrete; Vaping and especially vape pens are becoming increasingly more popular, this is because they are typically smokeless, odour-free and come in a range of sizes, subtle designs and shapes to fit your comfort level.
  • Vaping is easy; Vape pen use and maintenance are easy to sustain, while vaping CBD vape oil is as simple as inhaling.

The added benefits of Infused Amphora CBD vape oil include;

  • Third-party batch tested for CBD concentration and purity.
  • Effects based formulations to help you with your lifestyle goals
    • Flavoured and unflavored terpenes for added health benefits and a unique flavour profile
  • Smooth non-bitter taste.
  • All-natural organic ingredients
  • No dangerous diluents or carrier oils

Learn more about CBD oil vaping benefits here: "Live Well With CBD: Bioavailability And Vaping"

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