How to make my Infused Amphora CBD vape cartridge last longer?

We've compiled some tips on how to extend the life of your favourite Amphora effects-based CBD oil vape cartridges, here's how;


·      Store your cartridge at around 20oC, and away from sunlight and the elements to avoid degradation of taste and potency as well as unnecessary leaking.

·      Start voltage or temperature of your vape device on the lowest setting. Experiment with it to find your own preference, as it's possible that you may be producing more vapour then you need, or can inhale at the higher settings.

·      When using a vaporiser that does not have an auto shut off built-in, be mindful of turning the device off when not in use.

·      Know your battery. Some batteries aren't as efficient when using carts as they have restricted airflow. Amphora CBD cartridges were designed with Vessel pens in mind because they have optimised airflow for 510 thread carts.


We hope these tips will help you extend the life or your Infused Amphora CBD vape cartridge. Happy vaping!

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