How long will a CBD oil vape cartridge last?

Wondering how long it will take you to finish your vape cartridge?

Please keep in mind; this question is entirely dependent on use and relative to what type of user you are and what effect you’re trying to achieve. The rough variables include; cart size, frequency of use and pull length.

Let's use our Infused Amphora .3ml cartridge, for example.

Each .3ml CBD vape cartridge has approximately ninety (90) seconds of inhalation. So how long you pull on the vape can influence how long your cart will last. If you typically take one (1) second sip like puffs once per day, then the cart will last you ninety (90) inhales. That being said, if you take three (3) puffs per day for your wellness goals, your cartridge will last thirty (30) days.

If you take longer pulls or more puffs per day, you're CBD oil cartridge obviously won't last as long, and you'll finish your cartridge much sooner. This is often associated with the effect you're trying to achieve. Those who use ZZZ before bed may find that a couple of small inhales before sleep is enough. However, for those that are using Mend to help with symptoms of chronic pain, may take longer and more frequent inhales in a day.

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