How to redeem Refer-a-Friend referral program discounts?

Once you’ve received a discount link or code, you can use this code for any Amphora CBD product in stock at

Using a link:

Using a link is really easy; click on the link and shop. All CBD products are eligible for a discount, which will be reflected on the “checkout” page. 

Using a code:

To use a code, visit and shop for any CBD product. Follow through to “checkout”, and on the “checkout” page, make sure to enter your code for a discount on all eligible products in the “Discount code” field and click “Apply”. 

Using a link and a code:

Using multiple redemption credits can be done with both links and codes. One link can be used for automatic redemption and will discount your order on “checkout”. Enter all additional codes, one at a time, into the “Discount code” field and select “Apply”. Once you’ve entered all discounts, you will see all eligible products in your order listed for discounts before the total order value.


Using a Refer-a-Friend discount in combination with Amphora discount codes:

You can stack all applicable stackable discounts to your order at once, up to a £0 total order value. 

1. If you are using a Refer-a-Friend redemption link, click on the link to shop and automatically, this discount will be applied at the “checkout” page. If you’re not using a Refer-a-Friend link, skip to step 2.

2. Visit and shop. Once you’re happy with your order and have added your final product, enter any applicable Amphora discount codes in the “Enter any promotion codes here” field under “Checkout” and select “Apply”. You can enter multiple discount codes (if they are stackable) and watch the discounts add up on your cart page. Once you’ve completed your entries, select “checkout”.

3. On the “Checkout” page, you can enter all additional discounts from the Refer-a-Friend program. Discounts can be stacked with other discount codes unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions of the promotion. 

a.  If you followed a link from Step 1, this discount and any Amphora discounts you applied on the “Cart” page would be reflected already. 

b. To apply additional Refer-a-Friend discount codes, make sure to individually enter your codes for a discount on all eligible products in the “Discount code” field and click “Apply”. 

4. Once you verify all your savings on screen, complete your order and payment. 

5. Congratulations on your savings; your order will be fulfilled the next business day before 2 pm!

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